Walking on Water 2014

ExCeL London 2014

The Walking On Water exhibition is a visual chronicle of this new emerging East London, its villages and neighbourhood’s, schools and universities, artist quarters, and centre’s for media, technology and science and its successful and diverse East End industries.

An exhibition in partnership with Grand Designs, One mile long exhibition, linking the key players in east London, education, regeneration, business, housing, heritage and arts, and schools performing music throughout the show.

My Role in the project:

  • Curating the exhibition with stands and continuous display of 200 Water City paintings.

  • Linking Heritage organisations with educational, commercial and public sector bodies in east London, to ensure the rich heritage of the Lea Valley is brought into every aspect of Contemporary life (see link below to catalogue)

  • Commissioned by LOCOG and East Village to make paintings relating to regeneration and legacy.

  • Part of a five year programme -  large scale arts and music events, linking schools, colleges, business and community.

  • New Ideas come from the Connections between different things, 

   ie health/education/enterprise etc

  • Embraces change and through participation in the arts demonstrates that the human spirit and it natural tendency to be curious


  • Communicating a vision of East London as a positive creative place to live, work and learn

  • Involved 500 local people, 20 schools, 20 businesses and organisations, a footfall of 20,000 people

  • developing entrepreneurial community networks

  • celebrating entrepreneurship in areas of deprivation, showcasing community achievement

  • demonstrating arts role over time to tell a story about positive change in eats london against backdrop of historical traditions of industry and culture

  • marking historical and contemporary innovations through visual arts

  • using entrepreneurial partnerships to maximise financial for the less advantaged

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