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East India

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I consider myself to be a local artist, making positive images of my neighbourhood and the community I know well. 

Out and about in east London, finding a good place to draw I see the varied effects of regeneration and the signs of social problems that locals face everyday. 

Recently my paintings have a narrative about outdoor games e.g. Cricket and Tennis, this is a way of referring to the indomitable spirit of East London communities. I am making an image of a hoped for base level; where people in the community have positive human relationships, a sense of purpose and a decent home.

Drawings on Location 

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Regeneration of East London

As an artist with over thirty years experience of working with community groups in Bromley by Bow, I am equally committed to making works that explore a deeply urban affair between a new world created in the pursuit of progress and modernity and the community that it is setting out to serve. A community whose optimism is by no means universal because they have seen before that the developers’ bulldozers can just as easily destroy the inner-city infrastructure geared to serving local needs.

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“I have such an affinity with your work, it feels as if your portfolio has mapped my own personal belonging and history with the area and its people. I continue to enjoy your architectural documentation of the development of east London and the changes. Beautiful.” 

Zoe Portlock

Director of Partnerships at 

Bromley by Bow Centre

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I am based at Thames Side studios


Bromley by Bow

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I have been working as an artist at Bromley by Bow Centre for thirty years, the insights I have gained from developing projects with the community informs all my work.

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