Frank Creber

Leamouth Peninsular

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East India

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Hackney Wick

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Physicists cannot see Black Holes and Dark Matter; yet their theories and experiments show that these phenomena underpin and can destroy our physical world of Time and Space. In 1933 Niels Bohr said “When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images.” I am intrigued by the scientists use of language that seems more poetic than rational and have made this series of paintings where Black Discs interrupt and organise the pictorial space in a personal narrative about the idea of Social Landscape.

Drawings on Location 

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Regeneration of East London

As an artist with over thirty years experience of working with community groups in Bromley by Bow, I am equally committed to making works that explore a deeply urban affair between a new world created in the pursuit of progress and modernity and the community that it is setting out to serve. A community whose optimism is by no means universal because they have seen before that the developers’ bulldozers can just as easily destroy the inner-city infrastructure geared to serving local needs.

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I am based at Thames Side studios


Bromley by Bow

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I have been working as an artist at Bromley by Bow Centre for thirty years, the insights I have gained from developing projects with the community informs all my work.

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